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Welcome to HR-IC, where HR is Easy.

Our professional working models name is Easy,

the value-creating business HR.

The company’s perception is that prefabricated business models works satisfactorily in most cases, but at the same time, most companies needs differ greatly. So in order to cover your company’s specific needs, we offer a value-added, tailor made and customized HR support, in order to cover your company’s total needs while creating synergy, based on your daily business activities.




You are our Focus

We are there when you need us, both on time and on site and compensation is only charged for efficiently working hours, no fixed current charges and no hidden fees. Our main target is to be so efficient in helping your company, that you don’t need us in the future. The total focus is, that completed projects and supports will reproduce perfect functionality, while saving costs.

Welcome to HR-IC where HR is Easy


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