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HR-IC has the ambition to be businesses first choice in professional HR  & Business support in:

Nordic Labour Law


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International HR establishment


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HR-IC offers by experience service in the following countries:

  • Sweden

  • Denmark

  • Norway

  • Finland

  • Germany

  • China

  • Bangladesh

  • upon request 


HR-IC provides a professional HR and Business support, based on each company's specific requirements. HR-IC also belongs to a close network that can offer additional competence and experience. The network is operational both in and outside of Europe.



Business Intelligence 



International HR establishment

HR-IC supports your HR Department as your company expands their International establishment.

We offer support in specific questions as well as guidance through an entire project, or act as speaking/advising partners on behalf of your organisation.

Challenges and questions that HR-IC can assist you with: 

How do we optimally hire new employees?

What payment grade / level should we set?

Should or must we sign collective agreements?

What terms on agreement should we have?

Do we have to negotiate on a local or central level?

Staff plan in Finland, do we really need it and how do we create one?

Company Exit Control, how does it work and is it possible?

Will agreements regarding cooperation’s in Denmark effect us? How?

HR Project

HR-IC will provide your organisation and HR department with support in specific projects when you're unable or unwilling to hire for this expertise. We offer support in specific questions as well as guidance through an entire project, or act as speaking/advising partners on behalf of your organisation.

Challenges and questions that HR-IC can assist you with:

  • Staff questions in Europe
  • Advice and support regarding establishment in new countries, regarding labour law, culture and values, routine, etc. 
  • Developing of strategies, tools, plans and handbooks
  • Advice and support in organization's changes and negotiations with the union
  • Support in all stages of building professional HR functions and departments
  • Building and creating HR and management tools like Wi-Fi handbook’s
  • Strategic competence and development 
  • Staff matter regarding rehab cases, work environments, and equally and diverse action plans regarding law.
  • Develop HR and work environment processes for the entire company

HR Support

Do you need help with support or advice regarding HR and/or Labour law?

Is your company currently without an HR Manager, or are you in-between two?

Our HR Support Online will grant you access to expertise and answers, whenever you might need it.

HR-IC HR Support Online is available when you need answers and advice regarding specific personnel matters. We provide fast and effective support over email and phone to your Manager and/or HR Department. Due to HR-IC's extensive and efficient knowledge you will receive top quality professional help, when you really need it.   

Challenges and Questions that HR-IC can assist you with:

  • Is it really necessary to negotiate with the union when we hire a new manager?
  • Does this also apply to hiring a CEO?
  • What responsibilities does our company have in regards to an employees long-term absence due to Illness?
  • One of our employees has a lot of absence, what could I do?
  • May I fire one of our employees immediately if they have committed a violation? How do we proceed without ending up in court?
  • How will the new regulations from the Swedish work-environment institution, regarding a systematic work-environment, affect our company and our managers?

Other subject that HR-IC could help out with:

  • Labour law and collective agreement questions
  • Competence development
  • Management development
  • Rehab and work training
  • Employee appraisal / employee survey
  • Vacation and other leave grounds
  • Work environment questions
  • Equality and victimizations
  • Stress
  • Replace employee and discounting operations
  • Recruitment

  • Marketing

  • Business development

  • Advisor 

  • Board-Assignment

HR-IC offers support with all HR challenges, from assisting international projects

to answering specific questions.

The HR-IC philosophy is based on the Swedish saying, that everything "goes" except toddlers and tin-soldiers .

Don´t hesitate to inquire or contact us if you have any requests or questions.

Welcome to HR-IC - where HR is made Easy.


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